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About Us

Değer Family Business Education and Management Consulting company, which started service in 2004, has achieved a great success in the last period. In today, there is a disruption in education and counseling sectors. Değer Consultancy has focused on projects for the institutionalization of family companies.

Founder of Değer Consulting company İlhami Fındıkçı summarizes why they especially go to family companies: ‘’ Everything starts at the family and ends at the family. Only 20 out of every 100 family companies can go to the second generation. 90% to 95% of the companies established in our country and in the world are family companies. The majority problem of these family companies are to institutionalized. But what kind a institutionalizing? Not with ignoring family values ​​and commitment, on the contrary, conversion of the chain of rules required by the modern enterprise, while preserving the power of family values ​​and tradition constitutes the main objective and the essence of our counseling in this area. We are assertive in this regard. Because, either our academic studies or in practice are all about institutionalization that make us professional.

As Değer Consultancy, the indispensable main principle of all phases of our consulting process is "human dignity".

Based on management and institutionalization consultancy in family companies; firstly the institutional evaluation (check-up), then the determination of the family structure, values ​​and power foci, the examination of the job descriptions of the family members, the extraction of the institutionalization map, the determination of the career targets of the new generations, the realization of the training programs required by all these processes (family management, leadership, team work, personality development, management, restructuring, organization, person, family and management coaching, human resource management, etc ...) and finally the preparation and implementation of the Family Constitution, which is the summit of family business counseling, is provided.

Değer Family Business Education and Management Consulting is a member of The Family Firm Institute that has 1200 members around the world and headquartered  in America.