Our Principles

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The goal of the information society is the proliferation of information people who do not ignore the values ​​of people, families, institutions and society and who have learned to learn.

Regardless of education, age, experience, or position, it is necessary for the individual to become productive by realizing his / her personal potential.

Today's people need to know themselves, to recognize them, and to face them. The training program helps people to be well, comfortable, happy and hopeful as well as to use their knowledge and skills by acting on their needs.

The training program does not neglect the personal development and behavioral training at every opportunity as well as being processed in the best way.

The training program aims at objective and measurable change and development at the level of knowledge and skill towards participants’ wishes.

The basic principle in the process of designing, developing, implementing and evaluating all kinds of tests, analyzes and researches is scientific. In this respect, the application of objective criteria and the observance of objective standards are essential.

Tests for personal, family and institutional are used when the expert needs.The results will be announced in the necessary ranks with the evaluation of the relevant expert. The rights and laws and practice standards of the tests applied, the people and institutions that develop these tests are protected.

The evaluation of the data obtained as a result of the tests alone leads to the failure to reach definite results. Therefore, it is essential that the results of all tests be evaluated as a tool, not as an end  result. As a matter of fact, the aim of tests and analyzes is to get to know the person, the family or the institution more closely and distinguish them from the similar ones. However, it is known that the results of tests give important clues about the human because main aim of analyses is human.